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Ever since the successful introduction of Kleine Feigling (1995), we are pioneering the exclusive commercialization of brands in The Netherlands in a very innovative way. We are relentlessly seeking to find distinctive high quality products that enable our customers to make the difference. It allows them to stand out from the competition.

For anyone, whether running a business in hospitality, a wine & liquor store or a specialty shop, it is paramount to be working with products of distinctive quality and character. In our view it’s the products and the service rendered that sets your business apart from the competition. The decisive factor in this is the story behind the product and the quality.

Whereas the ‘big global brands’ first and foremost try to link a brand to a lifestyle, we believe in craftsmanship, pure stories and added value. Our focus is brands with a heritage, in other words brands that you can almost feel, distilleries and wineries that can actually be visited. Above all, we focus on brands where quality is beyond dispute. And we try to provide a service that matches these brands, through tastings and education.

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